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About us



Admill ApS was founded on 1 April 2018 by Mark Andersen, Kenneth Andersen and Christoffer Hübertz Christensen.

Prior to the founding of the company, 1 year had passed with the start-up of some of the web pages. In the start-up phase, the affiliate activities were owned and operated by Nordjyske Medier with headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark.

Admill was founded with the idea of working with affiliate marketing in a very serious and professional way, where the company should provide great value for both users and advertisers.

The first website to be established was Tjek-laan. This was followed by Tjekbredbaand, Findmaaltidskasse, Mobilabo, Moremoney and Tjekakasse.

From the start of the company, it was desired to run a diversified affiliate business within various verticals, including consumer loans, broadband, meal boxes, mobile subscriptions, etc.

When the company started, there was only one website while Admill today has 23 websites in 6 countries.


Our three values

We must grow in the wild - but we must never grow big

Small business units provide personal ownership, passion, efficiency and the ability to make quick decisions. We need to grow small!


We challenge each other and cultivate raising the bar for an effective execution culture. Speed over security and we would rather hire those who WANT than those who CAN ... And good behavior does not excuse a poor effort - or vice versa.

One for all and all for one

Together we have EVERYTHING .. We cultivate a strong community and a selfless mentality, where everyone wants to help - and ask for help - across the company.


Today Admill is one of the largest players in the Danish market within affiliate marketing on the verticals consumer loans, broadband and meal boxes. Within 2 years, we want to be the dominant comparison service within other verticals, including unemployment insurance funds, insurance and mobile subscriptions.

In addition, we want to continuously grow our portfolio of comparison services with new and exciting areas where value can be created for both users and advertisers.


Our long-term vision is to become a dominant player in affiliate marketing. We want to have a dominant position within consumer loans in the foreign markets we operate in and to achieve a dominant position in new and ongoing verticals in the Danish market.

Our team

At Admill, we have an ambition to provide the best comparison services on the market for the benefit of both our users and advertisers. We have a clear ambition to be the best on the market.

We value credibility very highly. In relation to our users, we strive to always provide correct information about the products so that they can make the best possible purchasing decision.

Admill on the radio

Hear our CEO Mark Andersen comment on the commercial element of Admills' business.


Do you also want to contribute to a more transparent market?

Admill's comparison sites help hundreds of users make the right purchasing decision every day. We love challenges, teamwork and we always want to give users the best comparison sites. Does the same apply to you?

We are always looking for new creative, analytical, and technical profiles to strengthen our team.If you are passionate about SEO, online marketing and advertising, please contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!