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Terms And Privacy Policy


Admill offers a number of websites and online services, including:


Admill’s handling of your personal information is described in this data policy.

Your personal information is any information that can be used to identify you, including name, address, gender, email address, etc. Admill collects, uses, and shares personal information to manage and operate Admill’s websites and protects your personal information for you to feel safe and secure.

Admill, Vestergade 48H, 8000 Aarhus C, CVR 39423367, (hereinafter Admill) is “data controller” and thus responsible for your personal information.


If you choose to provide Admill with personal information, you consent to the transfer and storage of this information on Admill’s servers. We only store information that is relevant to the service you use. We may collect and store the following information:

Information that you provide in connection with the creation of a profile, eg. name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, gender, date of birth, desired loan amount.

Pictures, texts and video you post on our servers.

Statistics on pageviews, traffic to and from Admill, ad data and standard weblog information such as IP address, Mac address, device (eg mobile), browser type and geographic location and information about how you are using Admills pages and services, including your transactions;

You also agree that Admill may share your personal information with affiliated companies or service providers that assist Admill’s business activities.

Purpose and use of information

Admill uses the information to:
Offer our services;
Find and solve problems at Admills websites and services;
Customize your user experience, measure interest in Admill’s services, improve Admill’s services, and inform you about services and updates;

Customize and inform you about marketing and promotional offers according to your preferences.

Protection of information

Admill does not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties for the purpose of their marketing purposes without your consent.

Excluded are disclosure to affiliated companies or service providers that help Admill’s business activities.

Admill is permitted to disclose personal information to comply with legal requirements, enforce Admill policies, or protect the rights, property and security of others.

Admill may disclose personal information to respond to allegations about an ad or other content violates the rights of others or in criminal proceedings. Request for this kind of information must be addressed in writing to Admill at the following e-mail address:

The information is only provided to public authorities such as the police, the court or the Data Inspectorate.

Marketing, communication and e-mail tools

You can receive marketing material from Admill and our associated companies, including Admill and strategic partners such as financing, – mobile, cash, broadband or mealbox providers. If you don’t want to receive marketing material, please contact Admill on the following email address:

Admill can use the information Admill has about you and your activities on Admill’s websites to customize the messages that Admill sends to you, as well as the content and advertising that Admill shows on its websites.


On some of Admill’s websites, Admill or our suppliers will use cookies (small files placed on your hard drive). Admill does not allow our suppliers to collect personal information about you by using these cookies. These cookies are used to analyze visits to Admills web pages, customize Admills services, content and advertising, measure promotional activities, and promote trust and security.

A few important things you should know about cookies are that:

Admill offers a number of features which is only available through the use of cookies.

Admill uses cookies to identify you and maintain your login status.

You are always welcome to refuse cookies if your browser allows it, but this may interfere with your use of some of Admill’s websites or services. Additional information about accepting cookies can be found in your browser’s help function.


Admill processes data as assets to be protected and uses tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure.

However, Admill does not warrant that third parties illegally intercept or otherwise gain access to transfers or private communications, or that third parties, including other users, misuse your personal information as they lawfully collect from the Website.


In Denmark, the processing of personal data is monitored by the Data Inspectorate, which can be contacted at Borgergade 28, 1300 Copenhagen K, or at

Rights and objections to using your data

You have – with the limitations of the law – certain rights, including:

The right to access your personal data

The right to change incorrect personal data

The right to delete personal data

The right to have limited personal information

The right to data portability

The right to object to the processing of personal data, including in relation to automated, individual decision making

You can delete your data by logging in to that service and clicking on the link under your profile information.

If you have any other questions regarding the processing of your personal data or the exploitation of your rights, please contact Admill at

In special cases there may be data that cannot be legally deleted permanently if the processing of data for legitimate reasons precedes your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing is necessary for legal claims to be established, enforced or defended


You can delete your data by logging in to that service and clicking on the link under your profile information.

If you have any other questions regarding the processing of your personal data or the exploitation of your rights, please contact Admill at

Content on Admills websites

By using Admills websites, you agree not to copy, modify or redistribute Admills services (websites and mobile applications) or their content, including content posted by other users. You also undertake not to infringe on Admills or third party copyrights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights.

By creating content, including images, text, etc., on Admill’s services, you warrant to have the full right, including any intellectual property rights, to this content and that content does not violate any law or third party’s rights.

When creating content, including submitting images, text, etc., to Admill’s services, you grant Admill permission to display your content on all Admill’s websites and mobile applications and to display them on other of Admill’s internet-based services, including for example Admills Twitter and Facebook profiles. Images created on Admills websites can automatically get Admills logo as a watermark. Please also note that content on the web – and on – can be shared by other users for their own social profiles on eg. Facebook.


If content on Admill’s websites violates the intellectual property rights of others, the licensee may contact Support at and request that the content is being removed or changed. Admill reserves the right, at its discretion, to change and / or delete the content.

Admills responsibility

As a user on Admill’s websites, you agree to indemnify Admill for any and all liability in connection with your actions on Admill’s websites. For the same reason, Admill cannot meet with any claim for damages for losses, damages or violations arising as a result of content on its websites.

Admill does not warrant access to Admill’s services or websites, and Admill does not guarantee the security of this access or to maintain continuous access thereto. For the same reason, to the extent permitted by law, Admill disclaims any liability for any loss or damage arising therefrom.

To the extent permitted by law, Admill expressly disclaims all warranties and warranties, express or implied, as well as statutory, for the content of Admill’s websites and the services provided by Admill.

To the extent permitted by law, Admill disclaims any direct or indirect liability for loss or damage, including loss of money, data, goodwill, reputation, etc. arising from the use of the access to Admill or the services provided on Admills websites.

Force majeure

Regardless of the above, Admill is not particularly liable for loss due to: Breakdowns in and / or failing access to IT systems or destruction / damage to data in these systems attributable to the events listed below, regardless of whether it is Admill who is responsible for the operation of the systems: failure of power supply or telecommunications at Admill, law enforcement, terror or vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking), disturbances, rebellions, sabotage, war, natural disasters, unexpected price increases, strike, lockout, boycott or blockade, whether the conflict is directed at or initiated by Admill itself or the organization, and regardless of the cause and extent of the conflict.

Responsibility Maximizing

If Admill is found liable for damages despite the preceding paragraphs, Admill’s liability for damages both as well as outside contract (whether this liability has arisen through negligence or otherwise) is limited to the largest of (a) the total payment to Admill in the 12 months prior to the case giving rise to liability, or (b) DKK 1,000.

This limitation of liability does not apply to consumers.

Personal Information

As a user of Admill’s websites, you agree that Admill (the data controller) collects, transmits, stores, and uses your personal information on servers located in Denmark or elsewhere in the world, as detailed in the data policy. You are responsible for ensuring that your personal information is accurate and for protecting your password information. If you suspect that your password has been misused, you should immediately contact support at, in order to change your password.

In general

These terms and other related terms specifically set forth for specific services constitute the entire agreement between Admill and you and supersede any prior agreement. This agreement is governed by Danish law and is subject to Danish jurisdiction. Lapse of one or more conditions by invalidity does not automatically void the terms in their entirety.

Changes or corrections

Admill may at any time change or correct these terms in writing. The changes or corrections will enter into force at the earliest of the following times: (a) the next time you add or change the content of the Admill websites, or (b) 30 days after the change of terms.

In case of significant changes to terms, you will receive a message via e-mail.

Questions or comments can be sent to support at

If Admill requires payment for a service, you will be presented with the price in Danish kroner (DKK), incl. VAT, for your review and acceptance. When paying by credit card, Dankort or otherwise, your payment will be subject to a fee which you will be notified before making the payment.

Admill’s prices can be changed at any time.

No right of withdrawal for services

In connection with the purchase of services, including services purchased via mobile phone, Admill commences the performance of the service immediately after the purchase, after which your 14-day cancellation period will cease from the time the service is made available to you.

You agree that the performance of the service will commence before the expiry of the 14-day cancellation right and that you cannot cancel the agreement after the commencement date.


These are personal data conditions for Admill version 2.0 of May 28, 2018